Meet Our Marketing Department

August 16, 2023
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Written By Isabelle English

We would like to introduce Lydia and Isi who make up our Marketing Department based in our head office in Queenstown!

Our marketing team is responsible for promoting the Remarkable People brand, attracting candidates and clients, and enhancing our company's presence in the job market. Their primary goal is to create effective marketing strategies and campaigns that connect talented individuals with suitable job opportunities and help businesses find their ideal candidates.

Our Marketing team aim to increase brand awareness and visibility within the job market, ensuring that Remarkable People remains at the top of potential candidates and clients minds. Additionally, the marketing team focuses on attracting top talent by creating campaigns that showcase the benefits of working with us and the exciting opportunities available. Another key goal is to expand the client base by reaching new businesses and showcasing the value Remarkable People can bring to its clients. Ultimately, by achieving these goals, our marketing team plays a critical role in our company’s growth, reputation, and ability to connect with its community.

Isabelle English (LEFT) and Lydia Clarke (RIGHT)

Lydia Clarke - Marketing Manager

Meet Lydia Clarke, the Marketing Manager at Remarkable People. Originally from Auckland, Lydia has now made Queenstown her home. Working for Remarkable People for three and a half years Lydia has become an integral part of the company's success. Beyond her professional achievements, Lydia thrives in an active lifestyle, engaging in ice hockey, netball, and snowboarding. Her energy and enthusiasm extend to her work, where she channels her expertise in brand management, strategic planning, and campaign management to elevate Remarkable People's marketing initiatives to extraordinary heights.

Isabelle English - Marketing Executive

Meet Isabelle English, originally from Nelson, Isi made the move to Queenstown to join the Remarkable People team as their Marketing Assistant. She has been apart of the team for a year and a half one and has since been promoted to Marketing Executive where she now carries out content creation, social media management, and the planning and executing of impactful campaigns. In addition to these professional achievements, Isi thrives on exploring the outdoors through skiing and hiking. Her innovative approach plays a crucial role in implementing marketing strategies and optimising the company's presence across various channels.

Isabelle English (LEFT) and Lydia Clarke (RIGHT)

Our marketing team's success is a collective effort fuelled by collaboration, dedication, and a passion for excellence. They are focused on building lasting relationships with our audience, nurturing trust, and becoming a reliable resource for career growth and business expansion. In the fast paced industry of recruitment, staying ahead is vital, and that's where innovation comes into play. Our marketing team constantly seeks innovative approaches to deliver the right people at the right time.

Our pumping heart ensures that all our marketing initiatives are driven by a genuine desire to connect talented individuals with the right opportunities and help businesses flourish.

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