Celebrating Success: From Temporary to Permanent

August 24, 2023
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Written By Isabelle English

At Remarkable People, we take immense pride in the achievements of our candidates!

And today, we're thrilled to share a heart warming success story that shows the power of determination and unwavering support.

A Welcoming Path to Achievement

From day one, our candidate in the Lower Hutt region felt the warmth of our office environment. "Right from the get-go, the office vibe was relaxed and welcoming," they shared. Feeling valued and at ease from the start set the foundation for their journey.

Empowerment and Growth

The candidate's journey wasn't just about a job it was about personal development and career growth. "I feel so privileged," they expressed. Unsure at first, the support of the Remarkable People team in the Lower Hutt branch, especially Branch Manager Pam, propelled them forward. Overcoming personal challenges along the way, Pam's encouragement kept them on track. Today, the candidate proudly holds a permanent position, a testament to their dedication and the supportive environment fostered by Remarkable People.

Laughter and Memorable Moments

We believe in adding moments of joy and laughter during every candidate's journey. Our candidate fondly recalls a memory: "Watching the induction video, I was set up in a comfortable chair, given lollies and a drink while I watched the video" This light hearted moment perfectly reflects our belief that success is best achieved when combined with a healthy dose fun and laughter.

Inspiring Words for Future Achievers

In the candidate's own words:

"Don't give up, life can be challenging and throw obstacles at you, but with the right support around you, you will and can get through."

This serves as a beacon for those striving for success. The journey may be tough, but with unwavering support, greatness is attainable.

The candidate's closing gratitude to the Remarkable People team, particularly Pam, resonates deeply: "Thanks Mate, you rock!" This showcases the profound influence of mentorship and encouragement on success stories.

In this journey, we're reminded that achievements flourish in an environment of growth and collaboration. At Remarkable People, we're dedicated to nurturing potential, overcoming challenges, and celebrating every stride towards triumph.

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