Celebrating Success: From Resourcer to Acting Branch Manager

September 14, 2023
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Written By Isabelle English

At Remarkable People, we take immense pride in the incredible journeys of our team members!

Today, we're thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our valued team members who has not only experienced personal development but has also taken significant steps in her career with us.

Meet Phoenix Reilly, a dedicated professional who has been an integral part of the Remarkable People team in Queenstown for the past three years. Her journey within the company is a testament to her determination, hard work, and the supportive culture that thrives within our organisation.

A Supportive Culture

At Remarkable People, we believe in fostering a work environment where communication and mentorship flourish. For Phoenix, this support played a pivotal role in her achievements. She notes:

"RP has a supportive work environment where good communication and mentoring are encouraged. Those senior to me have always been willing to share their expertise with me and offer training. Continuous learning and development are very much encouraged through regular training sessions, workshops, and access to recruitment tools, allowing me to evolve my skills."

Career Growth and Personal Development

Starting as a Resourcer, Phoenix wasted no time in showcasing her talents and swiftly ascended to the position of Recruitment Consultant. Following that achievement, she earned a well deserved promotion to the role of Senior Recruitment Consultant. Phoenix's journey then led her to her most recent achievement, stepping into an acting Branch Manager role. This impressive advancement enabled her to assume greater responsibilities and expand her experience across a wide range of clients and industries. Her professional growth has been mirrored by personal development, as she states:

"Personally, I've gained so much confidence in myself, and being with Remarkable People and in my role has helped me grow as an individual a lot."

A Memorable Highlight

Among the many milestones in her journey, one moment stands out. Phoenix shares:

"The most memorable moment so far would be being selected as a finalist for the RCSA Rising Star category in 2022. It was an awesome experience having a night at the awards in Auckland with the team, and such an achievement for me personally to be picked as a finalist."

Inspiration for Others

When asked what advice she would offer to inspire others to pursue their own success stories, Phoenix wanted to share:

"Find something you enjoy and stick with it. If you enjoy what you do, you'll give it all the time and attention and be great at it"

Join us in congratulating Phoenix on her journey from Resourcer to Acting Branch Manager.

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